Organization of dedicated data channels

Our company offer dedicated leased line which provides a private fixed bandwidth point-to-point data connection. It’s used to connect offices to the Internet, and to link offices to other offices. And it’s perfect for business use. Here’s why… Dedicated Leased Lines = No Need To Share Dedicated leased lines are exclusively for your company’s use. National availability offering Leased Lines to any point in the UZ. No region is out of bounds since it can be reached via 3rd party access providers.  Protocol independent transmission via transparent data pipe which can be used to transmit any type of data, whether it's traditional voice or LAN traffic, Voice over IP or normal data.

Interface typically G.703, X.21 or V35, Ethernet.
Performance - Low latency, minimum jitter and packet loss. Leased Lines have very low values for these parameters and are therefore ideal for a range of applications.